Protection from the effects of damaging sunlight – Priceless Artefacts Protected Case Study Harris Museum

The Harris Museum and Art Gallery is one of the most imposing buildings in the city of Preston. Opened in 1893 it houses many fine art collections, rare books and artefacts including a pendulum which hangs down through the centre of the building and can tell the time calculated from the earth’s rotation.

Preston City Council contacted Lustalux back in 2015 looking for a solution to protect some of these priceless collections from the ravages of sunlight through the museum’s many roof lights. The museum’s criteria in terms of what the wanted the film to provide were extremely specific. Not only were the requirements to reduce UV and heat gain levels, controlling the amount of light entering through the glass was also critical.

On bright summer days, light levels were exceeding 2000 Lux yet the target maximum requirement was for 200-250 Lux. Because of this, a standard clear UV film did not meet requirements and after careful consideration one of the films from our Solar Gard Sentinel range was selected – Sentinel Stainless Steel 15 OSW. An external weatherable solar control film with high-level heat and glare reduction properties.

Four roof atria sited at the very top of the building were treated over a period of four days at the beginning of May 2016. The film was applied and then edge sealed with Dow Corning architectural silicone as is the requirement in the application of all our external weatherable films.

Light, UV and Infra Red levels now all meet the museum’s requirements and Preston’s treasures will be protected for years to come.

Lustalux Ltd has been protecting building contents and personnel with window film since 1991. We carry full health and safety accreditation, access certification and insurances. 

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