Heat Reflective Film For 999 Call Centre

Lustalux Ltd was recently approached by Lancashire Constabulary to solve a heat and glare issue within the county’s 999 emergency call centre. The room’s large south-facing windows were exposed to the effects of the sun during most daylight hours potentially resulting in staff discomfort and high cooling costs.

We quickly found a solution by providing an externally applied solar control film from our Solar Gard Sentinel range. External silver reflective films provide many advantages which are as follows:

  • Virtually no disruption to the workplace during installation
  • Greater efficiency in reducing internal heat gain
  • No potential issues relating to thermal stress on the glass

The film application took one day to complete followed by the application of Dow Corning silicone edge sealant as is the norm with external films. Call centre staff can now enjoy 80% glare reduction and over 70% heat gain reduction resulting in lower cooling costs for the taxpayer.

Staff also have the added luxury of being able to see out instead of keeping window blinds closed. The film gives excellent daytime privacy with the ability to see out of the building while passers-by are unable to see in.

Due to advancements in window film technology many of our clients are now enjoying the benefits of external weatherable window film.

Whether your window issue is heat gain, glare, privacy or security rest assured that Lustalux has a cost-effective solution. Call one of our team today on local call 01772 726622 for advice and and  prompt service.