Mirrored and One Way Window Film for Privacy and Security

Reflective "mirror" film is primarily a solar control window film which happens to have the added feature of doubling up as a privacy film.

This is the perfect window film product where "one way" daytime privacy is required through external facing windows. Outward vision is unobstructed while inward vision is obscured. Ideal as a visual security safeguard to protect personnel and equipment from prying eyes.

"One Way" or "Two Way" film as it it is sometimes called is not as effective on internal screens or where privacy/security is required at night time. When it's dark outside and the lights are on inside the privacy effect is lost.

To achieve "one way vision" between two internal rooms or offices the room requiring vision in should be lit around seven times brighter than the room requiring vision out. This is not too difficult to achieve as long as it is fully understood that one room will be effectively unlit. 

For a full explanation on how reflective window film can be used in this way please see below.