Solar Control Window Film – Improving Comfort, Increasing Productivity, Saving Energy

At Lustalux, we frequently help customers across the UK to reduce heat and glare through windows, conservatories and atriums – our solution? Solar control window film.

Recently, after installing solar control film in a conservatory in Blackpool, we recorded that the temperature had decreased by more than 6°C within just an hour.

Conservatories and all buildings with large expanses of glass are renowned for absorbing heat in warmer temperatures, which is why solar window film is ideal for helping keep a constant and comfortable temperature, as well as providing protection from intense glare.

On top of that, solar control film can make a significant impact on energy usage, as it reduces the need for air conditioning to keep the space cool.

In fact, our customers will recuperate the costs within around two years, leaving them to enjoy years of savings ahead. Adding solar control film is also a quick way to increase the value of a property.

Our window film can reduce temperatures by up to 85% and block glare by up to 90%, which helps improve comfort levels and working conditions. What’s more, the natural light levels in the room won’t be significantly affected because our films are virtually clear.

To serve customers who are also looking for increased privacy or security, we also offer one way daytime vision window films in a wide selection of shades.

Whether it’s a small conservatory or a glass fronted showroom, we have a window film to help combat even the most acute heat and glare issues.

If you’re interested in benefitting from solar control measures, get in touch with us by filling out out an online enquiry form or call us on 01772 726622.