Residential Solar Control Window Film

Spring is just around the corner which means that things start hotting up for us – quite literally!

Here at Lustalux we install thousands of metres of solar windows film every year and for obvious reasons most of it is installed between the months of April and September.

While the bulk of our work is carried out on behalf of businesses including offices, public buildings, factories and schools, we have become increasingly in demand from the public at large to provide solutions for residential heat, glare, sun damage and privacy issues.


Heat Control in Glass Architecture

In recent years large expanses of architectural glass have become in vogue with modern homeowners. Bi-fold and patio doors, conservatories, orangeries, sunrooms and roof lanterns are now a desirable “must have” in the UK residential market.

Such features which are often combined with contemporary powder coated aluminium frames provide a pleasing modern look while allowing extra light into the home. This creates the need for sun protection film for house windows.


On the downside to this we now have a situation, particularly in the summer months where all this additional glass can create a comfort, furnishing damage and privacy problem, and this is where Lustalux comes in.

Our range of Solar Control Window Films have four main features and advantages.

1. Solar heat gain can be reduced by over 60%.

2. Glare can be reduced by over 80%

3. Ultraviolet can be reduced by over 90% protecting floors and furnishing.

4. Many of our films give the additional benefit of providing daytime privacy.


Having window film installed does not necessarily mean that the appearance of your windows will be dramatically altered. We have several films available that are hardly detectable but on the other hand you may want to go for the less subtle and have your windows “mirrored”.


Window Film Installation

Application of window film by our experienced installers is quick and clean and even on the larger installations the work can be carried out in less than a day.

So, to improve comfort, privacy and security in your home why not give us a call on 01772 726622 for a quick response.