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Window films to help reduce heat, glare & UV.

residential window film.

solar films for conservatories, orangeries, bi-fold doors and more …


A range of solar control window films that have been designed specifically for residential use.

Containing a high-performance coating, the film prevents heat from building up by reflecting the sun’s heat away.

Installation is a relatively straightforward process with minimal disruption and can transform your conservatory within hours.

What are the benefits of installing window film?

Conservatories, orangeries and bi-folding doors are very popular today particularly with British people desperate to maximise daylight and sunshine within the home.  They will not only provide you with extra living space and lovely views, but they will also help you to bring a little outdoors indoors. 

However, due to the amount of glass present, they can all become a heat trap, particularly in the spring and summer months  leading to problems with overheating and sun damage caused by harmful UV rays filtering through the glass.

By installing reflective window film, you will reduce the solar heat gain by up to 60% instantly making your conservatory more comfortable. 

The reduction of harmful Ultra Violet will protect your soft furnishings from fading. Glare can be reduced by up to 95% adding to the all round comfort.

Unlike window blinds, the installation of conservatory window film will still allow light in without impairing your vision out.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What can conservatory window film be used for?

Conservatory window film is ideal for orangeries, conservatories or bi-folding doors. In fact any area with a large expanse of glass.

How much will the heat be reduced with the installation of conservatory heat reduction film?

By installing reflective window film, you will reduce solar heat gain by up to 70%.  


No, because we only tend to treat the roof panels in a conservatory or orangery so there is no significant light loss. If we treat side windows and bi-fold doors we are always careful to recommend a lighter film to minimise light loss.

How is window film installed?

Installation is a clean, quick process causing minimal disruption. The film is “floated” onto the glass using water and a mild soap solution. Once in position surplus water and air is pushed out using a squeegee and then the film is trimmed around the edges of the window frame.

We are often asked if the film stays in position by static cling. In reality  it it is constructed with an extremely agressive adhesive system to ensure that it will stay in place for years to come.

Treated and Untreated Glass Side by Side

If you would like to improve the comfort of your conservatory or orangery, get in touch on 01772 726622 for a no obligation  quotation. Or you can complete our survey request form and we will give you a call to arrange for one of our team to visit your property.

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professional window
film installation.

Window film is a thin laminate film that can be installed to the interior or exterior of glass in both commercial and residential buildings. The process of window film installation involves the use of a self-adhesive polyester film which is applied to the glass acting as a sunscreen, blocking harmful IR and UVB rays and regulating the levels of heat and light passing through it.


Window film can also be a cost effective retrofit solution for windows that need to be upgraded to meet today’s building codes and energy standards.

Available in a wide range of colours from clear to dark, reflective or non-reflective the film can also feature bespoke design elements such as your logos and company information.

Window film not only looks impressive, it can also offer you improved security and privacy. And with so many benefits on offer, it’s clear to see why window film installation is gaining in popularity

If you would like information on our window film installation service, get in touch now.

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window film.

With many commercial enterprises looking to reduce carbon emissions, being put under pressure to save money, and provide safe environments for workers, commercial window film is an ideal solution.

Our range of extra strong safety films can help to mitigate some of the effects of bomb blasts or industrial explosions.


From a security point of view, privacy window film can also help to discourage break ins.

In terms of safety and comfort, window film can reduce heat gain by as much as 80% cutting your air conditioning running time and associated costs and UV radiation is cut by 99%.

At Lustalux we have extensive experience in window film installation throughout the UK and across a number of sectors including: education, construction, care homes, sports and leisure and facilities management, so whatever your needs are, we can help.

Visit our case studies for more information.

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window film.

The application of residential window film in your home will offer you protection from harmful UV rays helping to protect your skin and eyes from sun damage. It will also reduce the fading of your interior furnishings, carpets, artwork and other valuable belongings.


Privacy window film will provide additional privacy and security keeping your valuables out of sight and deterring burglars.

Available in a wide range of shades, window film will enhance the design of your home and help to improve your kerb appeal.

Take a look at our gallery and see for yourself.

Case studies.

Just some of the clients who have improved their workplace heating problems with Solar Control Window Film from Lustalux.

The flower bowl entertainment centre.

Preston city

& audi.

why choose lustalux to install your window film.

Lustalux has been supplying and installing window film across the UK for over 30 years. During that time we have completed work for a large number of commercial and residential customers.

Our mission is to provide outstanding products and unsurpassed services that together deliver premium value to our customers.

Which is why we use the highest quality materials backed by strong warranties and after-sales service.

Do you have any questions on window film? We have a team of experts on hand to answer any of your questions and we also provide an online quotation service.

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