Security & Safety Window Films

What is glass safety film for windows?

Glass is a fragile material which if not toughened or laminated, can pose a hazard.

Glass safety film is an adhesive polyester film that is bonded to glass and glazing in order to hold the glass together in the event of deliberate or accidental breakage.

Safety window film is subject to testing and certification to ensure it meets the required standards as set out by the British Standards Institution (BS 6206 (Class A, B & C) and the  European Committee for Standardisation (En12600). The level of protection does vary for critical locations or in cases where the requirement is more robust for example, sports halls or glazing in playground areas. 

Due to the security and safety benefits of the film, it is used widely all over the world and can be found in numerous locations. It is  available in a wide range of thicknesses, finishes and protection levels with the most popular being completely clear because it offers the same protection without altering the appearance.

What are the benefits of fitting safety window film?
Let’s look a little closer at the benefits of installing security window film.

Peace of mind against legal action
In these recent times of ‘claim culture’ is it vital that you protect your business and those around you from possible injury. It is also important that you avoid the threat of legal action that could result from a glass-related accident.

The application of safety window film will quickly and easily upgrade glass to meet safety film standards. 

Minimise health and safety risks
The Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulation 14 came into force in 1996 and clearly recommends that every window should be protected against breakage to avoid risk or injury to buildings or visitors. Window film is considered to be as safe as laminated glass and can be retrofitted to ensure compliance.

Cost effective
Safety window film is a low cost option compared to replacing glass, plus with an extensive range of films offering different levels of protection, means you can choose the right level of protection at the right cost for your business.

Frequently asked questions

What types of windows  can safety film be used on?

Our window film product range caters for structural glazing, glass partitions, interior and exterior glass and overhead glazing. 

How safe are your safety window films?

All our safety films are manufactured by the world's leading exponents of safety and blast film technology and are tested and accredited to En12600 standards.  

What’s the difference between window safety film and laminated glass?

Window safety film and laminated glass work in the same way, the main difference being that safety window films are a retrofit product and can be applied to glass after manufacture and installation.  

Our experts are on hand if you require any further information regarding window safety, risk codes, types of glass - we can also provide you with a free glazing safety survey as well as estimates for any remedial work.