Sports & Leisure Industry Graphics & Signage

Lustalux has been working extensively in the sports and leisure industry since 1991; supplying and installing window film, graphics and signage in every corner of the UK.

From football league premises and museums to the Blackpool Tower and Red Bull wakeboarding events; our ever-expanding in-house team of technicians and designers are on-hand to help you achieve your desired results.

It’s been our mission to support organisations of all sizes in creating safe and healthy environments for both staff and visitors. So whether you’re preventing injury from glass breakage, reducing heat gain and glare, or simply revamping the walls with new branding, our experts offer the complete service of solutions.

So how can we help your sports or leisure establishment?

Window Film

Did you know that we’ve installed over 5 million square feet of window film since 1991!

Lustalux is a nationwide installer of the industry’s largest range of high technology window films, both internally and externally supplied.

With over 25 years' experience as a leading window film contractor, our window film solutions have solved various heat gain and glare issues that occur in car showrooms, sports gyms, and all types of tourist attractions including art galleries; thus reducing temperatures and protecting against the effects of damaging sunlight.

But it’s not just about dealing with solar heat gain, glare, energy saving or privacy.

Window film can ensure you meet building safety requirements to protect people and the property, giving you peace of mind against legal action in addition to minimising the health and safety risks for the footfall traffic on your premises.

Which is why three times a year we prime and protect the surface of the walk-of-faith glass panels at the Sky Walk at Blackpool Tower, in Lancashire.

Architectural Surface Wrapping

Don’t replace, refurbish! With our interior films, rather than rip out and replace desks, counters, lockers, doors and more we can “wrap” them with one of hundreds of films in our range. Downtime and disruption is kept to a minimum meaning that you can become operational much quicker after refurbishment.

Wall Graphics, Murals Signage

We understand the pressure that can come in the industry when there are thousands of eyes on your brand at any single moment in time whether it’s at an event or an attraction.

We aspire to be leading experts in the design and installation of cut vinyl and digitally printed graphics, working with businesses of all sizes across the UK including the likes of Red Bull and The English Football League.

All projects are finished to only the highest quality. You can see this for yourself in our gallery and client testimonials!

So if you’re working in the sport and leisure industry remember, Lustalux are the first and last place to go for all your window film, graphics and signage needs.