Bomb Blast Protection Window Film

From the global media coverage, it's easy to see the damage or injury that flying and broken glass can cause after an explosion, whether it's from a deliberate terrorist attack or an accidental explosion in manufacturing industries.

It's the nature of explosions that the damage can spread far beyond the immediate site, and far beyond the cost of the glass itself, and depending on whether the explosion comes from inside or out, it could ruin entire premises, businesses and in the worst-case scenario, lives. 

Our range of high specification multi-laminate security and safety window films can help to eliminate much of the devastating effects of a bomb blast or industrial explosion by making windows shatter-resistant. See the case study here.

Glass Safety With Extra Strong Safety Films

Anti-blast films are made up of a thicker polyester than standard safety film and have a much more aggressive adhesive system. These films are regularly used within Government, Defence and Petro-Chemical sectors. These anti-shatter films can be combined with an edge retention system which attaches the film to the window frame for added protection. 

Available also in Solar/Security combinations to offer the added benefits of solar protection and/or visual privacy.

Tested To Internationally Recognised Standards

These films are tested to the following standards - GSA TS01-2003, ASTM 1642-96 and ISO 16933, and we're happy to provide you with the test certificates for you, should you wish.

Personal safety is of utmost importance to us at Lustalux, and we believe prevention is key. Unfortunately,  it often takes a disaster to strike before moves are taken to implement preventative measures such as this, but when something so simple as applying window film can keep your premises, your business and your staff safe, it makes sense to take action, rather than reaction!

Whatever your window film requirement please feel free to complete our online form or call us on freephone 01772 726622 and we will deal quickly and efficiently with your enquiry.