Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film is primarily a solar control window film which also doubles up as a privacy film. It is an extremely popular product due to providing added privacy on external facing windows.

Once applied, the exterior side of the glass will appear like a mirrored window during daylight hours and outward vision from the interior side of the glass will remain unobstructed. One-way window film will also reduce heat build-up inside the building, creating a cool and comfortable environment.

How does window mirror film work?

Mirrored window film works on light balance, meaning whichever side of the window is the brightest will appear like a mirror. 

Because the mirror effect of one-way window film works on light-balance, in most cases, it will only provide privacy during the day time. Once the sun sets and artificial lights come on inside the building, the effect of the window film will be reversed. 

If you require privacy all around the clock we would recommend taking a look at our frosted window films.

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