UV Protection Window Film

Lustalux has been applying Clear UV Filtering Window Film to shop fronts, homes, schools and museums since the 1990’s. In fact, anywhere requiring a high level of UV reduction through windows without any discernible loss of incoming light or reduced outward vision.

The use of  UV Film falls into two distinct categories these being; 1. Protection for people suffering from Ultra Violet related skin allergies and 2. Protection of goods and materials from excessive fading caused by UV.

Protecting UV Allergy Sufferers with Derma-Gard.

Our story goes back to 1995 when we were approached by a family from Skelmersdale, Lancashire who had two children suffering from Xeroderma Pigmentosum or XP as it is more commonly known. A rare allergic condition where sufferers react to UV light causing blistering to the skin. Lustalux installed Derma-Gard UV Window Film to the family’s home, car and to the windows of the children’s school. The film application meant that the family no longer had to keep their house curtains drawn and the children were able to travel and attend school without fear of an allergic reaction. 

Since 1995 we have been able to assist people of all ages by installing Derma-Gard film to windows at home, school or work. Indeed we have had cases where we have helped children through nursery, high school and further education giving them daily UV protection.

Derma-Gard is an optically clear film which when professionally installed is virtually undetectable on the glass. Consequently, there is no loss of natural light but with clear vision out.

All Lustalux window films have UV protection screening properties reducing UV transmission down to 1% at 380nm, however, Derma-Gard will reduce the UV transmission down to a maximum of 0.5% up to 380nm and 1% in the range between 300nm and 400nm.