Solar Control Window Film

What is solar control window film?

Solar window film is a highly effective solution for reducing heat gain and glare, reducing IR radiation and UV without reducing outward vision through windows. It can be retrofitted to your existing windows making it a cost-effective way of managing temperature and glare.

It is particularly effective for buildings or rooms with large windows, for example offices, schools and conservatories. It can also prevent sun-bleaching of soft furnishings and products due to the reduction in harmful UV rays, making it perfect for manufacturing facilities and home-owners.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of solar film for windows?

Solar window film provides many benefits:

  • Reduces glare by 90% and heat gain by up to 85%
  • Saves you money on heating bills
  • Reduced harmful UV rays by 99%
  • Provides privacy and security

Is it expensive to fit solar window film?

No, it is a low-cost solution compared to window blinds and there are additional cost benefits in terms of reducing air conditioning running costs.

How effective is solar window film in reducing glare?

It will reduce glare by up to 90% making it easier to see computer screens, whiteboards and TV screens.

What is the difference between heat reflective window film and solar protection window film?

They are simply different ways of describing the same thing. Solar window film will reduce heat and glare as well as providing you with UV protection.

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